Luxury Penthouse apartment to rent in Cannes

Great opportunity not to miss!!
This luxury penthouse 600 meter square is just stunning !
Beautiful high volumes of reception and terrific pool with massage and training crawl this apartment is located in one of the best area in Cannes to enjoy Palm Beach day and night with Casino and private beach, direct access to the port if you have a yacht or easy and nice 5 minutes boat transfer to the Palais des Festivals. Best Night clubs are 5 minutes walking distance which is very appreciated during summer time. By the way, the area is very safe day and night and it feels good to go back home by foot after party all night long.
The apartment is on 3 levels, just perfect for business accommodation and reception, with 2 master living rooms on different levels, and 2 kitchens as well connected to the living rooms. The last floor is dedicated to living area with a large terrace all around with a top pool for swimming. A smaller terrace to enjoy the sunset or a necked sun bath is on the very top of the building and afford others possibilities of reception with a stunning view on the bay of Cannes.6
The middle floor is dedicated to the master bedroom and salon with a beautiful SPA in suite which let you feel like in a Palace.
Their is a total of 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in suite with very large individual dressing for each bedroom.
A huge laundry room afford easy management of towels and sheets for people requesting a staff.
By the way, 4G PRODUCTION can provide all necessary staff such as maids, chief cooker, private limousine service drivers, secretary, and any assistance needed to make your stay easy, peaceful, relaxing and manage your entertainment for a day and night unforgettable stay.
The building provide 5 parking and private access with an elevator key lift up directly in the apartment.
To conclude this is a phenomenal place to stay during the summer when you have a big family and it is just the perfect place to stay and make your welcome office for your clients during congresses at the Palais des Festivals.
Don't miss the opportunity to ask 4G PRODUCTION to manage completely your program and needs to organize a party, cocktail or diner for your guests.





Cannes Luxury Apartment Rent


Cannes Luxury Villa


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