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Cannes RestaurantCAFFE LE 50
10 rue des frères Pradignac Cannes -

We recommend le cafe 50 to make a break in the middle of a shopping day in Cannes !
Café 50 is located at the angle in the middle of Rue Commandant André at the heart of shopping district in Cannes.
This is a perfect location to sit down and have a break inside or outdoor.
The ambiance is elegant, trendy and Raphael will always welcome you with pleasure and smile for a great and fast service.

The chief cook a special and delicious dish everyday such as "petits farcis Provençaux" which are vegetables stuffed with meat.
Club sandwiches and snacks are fresh and big enough to make a quick lunch, but you can also enjoy a really good dinner with French specialities, foie gras entree, tender meats and fresh fish, or even pasta ...

To end, the Cafe gourmand is just perfect. For reminder this is a cup of coffee assorted with fresh and daily made small pieces of several desserts, this is phenomenal to test a range of dessert with a mini tiramisu + mini chocolate muffin + a mini tartle and more ...and sometimes it is a surprise everyday different !

And then when you feel good Raphael will suggest a small liquor to end this beautiful moment with a manzana or pear liquor Whaaaa

LE VOILIER is considered as "institution" on 61 La Croisette. Located between the Carlton Palace and Martinez Palace the restaurant is open everyday from 8am for a typical french or continental breakfast, continue with a fresh lunch or snack, it offers a very nice "Salon de Thé" in the afternoon and then a beautiful diner with sea view.  The chief Christophe Patenote use to cook fresh and seasonal products of the market and propose a traditional but creative Menu.  So, Le Voilier is the perfect place to enjoy La Croisette morning break just before the opening of boutiques and having a delicious coffee with typical croissant and baguette. It is really nice as well to make a stop there to have a break for snack or late lunch, enjoy a very fresh Caesar salad or Club Sandwich. A business lunch is also very appropriate and the Menu propose delicious meats or even pasta. The chief cook a "today's special main dish and dessert" everyday different for 23 euro. There is also a complete meal with entry, main course, dessert for 48 euro service included. The seafood menu is beautiful and seasonal and the "Café gourmand" is excellent with is little cup of mousse au chocolat and caramel cream and macarons.... The wine list is very large, beautiful and all prices range. To conclude, Le Voilier is a good address, service is very okay, prices are not cheap but affordable accordingly with the quality of the food. The outside terrace on La Croisette is always under the sun and this is a great meeting point for a business diner or a fashionistas lunch break.



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