Welcome to Marcos MARIN in Cannes, a recognized Artist with a true talent

Marcos Marin

Welcome to Marcos MARIN in Cannes, a recognized Artist with a true talent !

With the partnership of 4G PRODUCTION, a beautiful party was taking place at the Prestigious Villa St George last Thursday in Cannes to celebrate the new work of the Artist.


The new works are visible at Villa St George during 15 days and by appointment. Contact us via email trough Cannes-Properties-Rentals website.
For reminder, Marcos MARIN is born in Brazil, he is the son of a movie producer and a "lyric" singer.
Screen printings, paints and three-dimensional sculptures combine light and movement. The portraits of the contemporary celebrities liven up as soon as we approach it, and the outside sculptures play with the surrounding landscape revealing strata until then unknowns. The spectator is then placed in a situation which he activates and transforms, so much his participation and his physical implication are indispensable in the plan of Marcos Marin's work. The artist plays with the laws of the perspective and composes an interaction of colors. By setting a warm color against a cold color, he so creates a strengthening of the one to the detriment of the other one, the first one moves forward in the space, conversely for second.



Marcos Marin party in CannesThe superimposing of wefts gives the effect of a changeable and unstable work. The optical illusion produced by these reliefs in perpetual vibrations persuades us in a mobility of the elements of the picture or the sculpture. It is very there about an opening in the space, the one that Vasarely named " the fourth dimension". This relation of elements some with the others produces almost subliminal visual effects, thwarting the perception. And it is this perception before any whom is the movement. In the lineage of the precursors of the optical art, Marcos Marin, thanks to his big technical control, manages to breathe a tangible soul into his images.

YOUNG AND F represents a new challenge for Marie Thérèse de Fontenelle closely assisted by her son David Ybert de Fontenelle and accompanied by their young associate, Thomas AMAR. The organization and presentation of this event marks the official launch of an innovation both in its approach and its entrepreneurial philosophy. YOUNG AND F aims to create high quality exhibitions in exceptional places. Contact : Marie Thérèse de FONTENELLE

Espaço Arte Gallery Book is located in Lisbon (Portugal) and is directed by Marie de Lurdes (Milou) and Prudencio FERREIRA, art dealers for over thirty years. They ply their trade mainly between Paris and Lisbon. They have supported Marcos from the beginning of his career. With him and for him they have organized various exhibitions throughout Portugal. His works are regularly exhibited in galleries discovered and supported by great names of art.

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