Big opening Monkey Club in Cannes

Cannes Night Club MonkeyMONKEY CLUB

Cannes is on HOT HOT mood tomorrow night ... Special Friday Night ! February 8th, 2013

If there’s one club that you should definitely visit before you die, it has to be the Monkey Club !

Don't miss the opening of the Monkey Club at 11.30pm this Friday at the Palm Beach.

The Monkey Club promised to be The unique place in Cannes certainly not classic, not bad looking, not hoisted ! and just different.
So be there on time and take your chance to enjoy the new cool place to be for fun at night.

New staff, new look, new design, with his beautiful Managing Director AURELIE TABET very well know in Cannes for her unforgettable private events organization  and new artistic director David Bartoli founder of "Plage Electro" during summer time on the beach in Cannes ... promise an unforgettable party with a different "State of mind".Monkey club Cannes

All nightclubs have a team of security men or 'bobbies' and doormen (bouncers). They have the powers to remove people from the club. The team usually intervene or ask for removal if the clubber is extremely drunk, physically ill or hurting/abusing other clubbers. The majority of the team stand by doors and make sure that no-one enters in that way.
Many nightclubs enforce a dress code in order to ensure a certain type of clientele is in attendance at the venue. Some upscale nightclubs ban attendees from wearing trainers (sneakers) or jeans, while other nightclubs will advertise a vague "dress to impress" dress code that allows the bouncers to discriminate at will against those vying for entry to the club. Many exceptions are made to nightclub dress codes, with denied entry usually reserved for the most glaring rule breakers or those thought to be unsuitable for the party.
4G Production Monkey Club (5)It rarely gets better than finding one of those cool, homey, and welcoming (yet exclusive feeling) bars that you can make a regular stop on your Tour de Friday and Saturday nights. After a certain amount of visits, you get to know the regulars, the bartenders, and you might even be lucky enough to have a “usual” drink. The situation couldn’t be more perfect. Or could it ?

Special attraction is the wine bar ! Finally something different to drink as well ...




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