Beautiful Island in front of Cannes Iles de Lerins


If you stay in Cannes or around even just for a few days don't miss to visit Islands of Lerins, it is just 15minutes by boat, it costs 12euro for adult and 7euro for children's..

You can take the boat in Cannes on Quai Laubeuf, boats are modern, clean and comfortable. You can go with young children's or babies and chairs.

On the Island Sainte Marguerite you will enjoy the Sea Museum and the Fort Royal.

Then it takes 2 hours to make the complete tour of the island visiting beaches and "criques" in the roc charming swim, and for nature lovers, the Island provides superb hikes and walks.

There is 2 restaurants and 2 snacks houses on the island. Specially "La Guérite" which is an exceptional and incomparable place to relax.

Enjoy the sweet smell of nature enhanced by a simple and divine gastronomic menu, with a local choice of "Bouillabaisse, crawfish fresh and local fish.

For a little extra delight, the snack house will make you the best pan Bagnat sandwich on the Riviera for a delicious moment of bliss.

We have noticed that "La Guérite" provide a back and forth boat service to their setting, and a space to play cards, backgammon or bocce ball.





The Island Saint Honorat is the smallest of the two twin Islands of Lerins and down from the Fortress we can see the Alpine chain of mountain the Esterel and the Cap d'Antibes.

The Island shelters one of older European Monastery which will matter among the most illustrious and the most powerful of the Christendom. The monastery manages a center of seminaries and it is possible to make retreat in.




Cannes Restaurant Island



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