Our favorites Beaches on LA CROISETTE:
Plage du Festival - Plage 45 - Baoli Beach - La Mandala -

Drinks and juices, happy hours and DJ's players give an exciting moment at the end of the day at Baoli or Festival.

clip_image001[4]_thumbWe also recommend strongly to ride to Cap d'Antibes which 15 minutes driving distance and don't miss to stop at PLAGE KELLERwhich is a small PARADISE to enjoy a delicate meal on the beach in a small litttle private bay with the view on the snow mountains of Alpes. On Cap d'Antibes a sandy beach where you can relax in front of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, and eat in a restaurant with a panoramic view, where you can enjoy sea food both lunch time and evenings.

All French resorts have private and public areas of beach. The public areas are, of course, free.

clip_image001[6]_thumbThe whole coast from Monaco to St Tropez is very crowded in August.

Teenagers and singles will absolutely love it provided they have a reasonable tan before they arrive;)

Almost all young people in the Riviera dedicate almost their whole lives to getting deeply tanned and smoking as much as possible.

Most do very little else. Pale skinned teens may live longer but they will certainly feel out of things ...


The "electronics beach parties" during Summer time evenings is a unique experience.clip_image001[8]_thumb

Cannes is a paradise in June and in September, especially on public beaches.

Private beaches cost is about 20 euros for a bed chair (more or less, depending if you stay all day long or just the afternoon).

For a good family beach holiday, I strongly recommend Cannes !





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